DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development 5 credits DDPA 8821 – Exclusive Course Details


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DDPA 8821 Course Introduction

This course is designed to teach students how to apply the DDPA methodology to community problem-solving. Students will be guided through the entire process, from problem definition to potential solutions, from assessment of possible solutions, from formulation of a specific action plan for action, and then implementation and follow-up.Upon completion of this course students will have: 1) An understanding of the four key elements that comprise the DDPA approach; 2) A broad understanding of community development as a holistic process involving all four

DDPA 8821 Course Description

This course explores tools for community and environmental development and policy. We will explore the frameworks, methods, practices and processes needed to mobilize and sustain communities towards a more sustainable future. Class topics include participatory action research (PAR), stakeholder analysis, environmental justice, social capital and community organizing. Students will be expected to do a project as part of this class that engages with an actual community issue.

Course schedule: Semester 1: January 15 – April 9

Semester 2:

Universities Offering the DDPA 8821 Course

University of Southern California 4.1 (4 ratings) 14 Reviews Similar Courses

– Available to all students
– Single subject, online and self-paced
– Course created by professors at UC Berkeley

Course Overview:

The Sustainable Community Development Practicum is a first-year practicum course for the PhD in Sustainable Community Development program offered at the University of California Berkeley’s School of Public Health. It is designed to give students a hands-on, applied learning experience that will prepare them for leadership roles

DDPA 8821 Course Outline

The DDPA 8821 course explores tools and strategies to help communities improve their lives by improving their environment. One of the most powerful tools that can be used to address community problems is sustainable development. This course will examine the concepts and principles of sustainable development and ways in which community groups can work toward the implementation of sustainable community development approaches in their communities. Students will gain experience working with individuals, groups, and organizations in a variety of capacities to implement sustainable community development approaches. Course activities include:

DDPA 8821 Course Objectives

Students enrolled in this course will acquire the competencies required to: • identify and use a range of community engagement tools that can help them address sustainability challenges; • adapt and apply the key processes and techniques needed to engage with diverse local populations; • identify and describe key principles of community development theory, practice and research; • demonstrate knowledge of how people from different cultural backgrounds can be engaged as equal partners in the process of community development. The course will introduce students to a range of participatory decision-making tools

DDPA 8821 Course Pre-requisites

or equivalent knowledge and/or experience. Students need to demonstrate the following skills during the course: Demonstrated ability to use a range of basic tools for sustainable community development (e.g. decision-making tools, project planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, report writing etc.)

Demonstrated ability to use a range of basic digital tools for sustainable community development (e.g. social media tools)

Demonstrated ability to understand, interpret and utilize data

Demonstrated ability to develop evidence

DDPA 8821 Course Duration & Credits

Course Overview

The aim of the course is to enable participants to understand and apply the concept of sustainable community development by using a range of different tools. Participants will gain an understanding of how to develop a vision for their communities, based on local knowledge and stakeholder participation. Participants will also learn how to develop a project proposal based on sustainable development principles.

Delegates can also gain an understanding of how to carry out participatory approaches in their work and an overview of the financial management skills needed for community activities

DDPA 8821 Course Learning Outcomes

1. Identify and analyze community needs that impact the success of DDPA projects 2. Collect information to inform the design of activities that foster community development and sustainability 3. Design collaborative activity plans with stakeholders, to achieve project objectives within a specific timeframe 4. Analyze community problems and trends to identify sustainable solutions
5. Apply project management skills in order to establish milestones and timelines; monitor progress; and control costs 6. Identify a budget for implementing a project as well as an estimate

DDPA 8821 Course Assessment & Grading Criteria

Instructor: Chris DeJonge, Ph.D. Course Description: The course will focus on learning and practicing strategies for transformative community development and leadership that will empower people to become agents of change. It is a 5-unit, competency-based elective course that provides an opportunity to explore the relationships between community development, education, training, and leadership and the building of sustainable communities. This course focuses on developing participants’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and self-efficacy for transforming their lives and communities through

DDPA 8821 Course Fact Sheet

This course is a prerequisite for all DDPA courses. It provides participants with an introduction to the principles of sustainable community development and their application in the context of the Pacific. The course introduces the concepts and tools of participatory community development including: *The roles of the various parties in a community development process; *The characteristics of good community organizations and how to identify key factors that distinguish these organizations from others; *The principles and processes of participatory planning, mapping, and social assessment. The course is

DDPA 8821 Course Delivery Modes


For more details on this course, please contact the instructor at drjennifer@shu.ca

Non-University Programs (Ibex Club Membership + 9 credits) (Diplomacy & International Affairs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Level Distance Learning Mode Diploma in International Diplomacy and Conflict Management (5 credits) (DIPLOMATIC INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS) (Online)

For more details on this course, please contact the instructor at drjennifer@sh

DDPA 8821 Course Faculty Qualifications

* DDPA 8821: Tools for Sustainable Community Development – A study of community planning and development tools. The course focuses on the use of community development tools in public policy to improve the quality of life for all residents. Through a mix of in-class sessions and field experiences, students will practice using community planning and development tools to assist local communities to engage with each other, build relationships, make decisions about their future, and move toward a more sustainable future. Students will develop an understanding of how social

DDPA 8821 Course Syllabus

Course Description – Course Outcomes – Overview of course – Learning Objectives – Required Texts – Assignments – References. Focusing on the different ways in which the media convey messages to audiences, this unit aims to develop students’ ability to understand and critically evaluate media messages. He’s a very nice guy and his courses are never boring. Nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory (from 1 to 2 units) Theory of stochastic processes (from 1 to 2 units) Introduction to Evolutionary

Suggested DDPA 8821 Course Resources/Books

Required DDPA 8821 Course Resources/Books for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) Recommended DDPA 8821 Course Resources/Books for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) Recommended

DDPA 8821 Course Practicum Journal

1. Students are expected to prepare and submit a journal of practice that they did during the practicum. This journal will reflect on their field work, course activities, and reflections on the experience. Students must attend one (1) DDPA 8821 Practicum session per week for six (6) weeks. A 2-3 page journal should include:
 The students’ goals as they relate to their development theories and practical application  Some demographic information about themselves including gender,

Suggested DDPA 8821 Course Resources (Websites, Books, Journal Articles, etc.)

1) Boston University, DDPA 8821 Course: Tools for Sustainable Community Development (Links to Resources within the Course) http://digitalcommons.bu.edu/ddpa/8821/ 2) Understanding Community-Based Research by Susan H. Tetreault (Links to the Course Content) http://www.umass.edu/cbri/reslife/understandingcommunity-based-research-2008.html 3) Community-Based Research Primer by Michael J. Meyer, Ph.D., and Larry

DDPA 8821 Course Project Proposal

(Semester 1) Name of Faculty/Department: Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities School: School of Education and Health Principal Supervisors: Dr. Faiqah Zainudin b. Majid & Prof. Dr. Yusof Mohd Taib Subject code: DDPA 8821 Course Title – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) Recommended Duration- 3 months Proposed Learning Outcomes(s) Understand the role of development planning, community development and gender in relation to

DDPA 8821 Course Practicum

– 8 credits (Core requirement) Readings: Chapters 1-6, pp. 27-36 for the DDPA Course Practicum for the class Prerequisite(s): DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) – 8 credits (Core requirement)

Click here for more information about this course.

SPRAKHAMM 4104 – Senior Seminar: An Introduction to Global Health and Social Justice

This seminar will examine how global health policies have been

Related DDPA 8821 Courses

– International Development (International Development) – Course Description: This course focuses on the role of NGOs in development and discusses the different stages of NGO development. The course includes a study of international NGOs with a particular focus on those involved in implementing community development projects. It also explores problems related to the allocation of resources and power relations between donors, beneficiaries, and the government. Course Details: 3 Credits This course will be offered for academic credit only through the University of Toronto at Mississauga’s Instructors

Midterm Exam

Final Exam: Date TBD (2 credits) (DDPA 8821)

Courses in the Social Sciences

Social Science Courses

BSA 2400 – The Sociology of Education (3 credits) (MFT/SOC)

MFT 3300 – Marriage and Family Therapy: Research Methods and Practice I (3 credits) (MSLS/MFT)

MFT 3301 – Marriage and Family Therapy: Research Methods and Practice II (3 credits) (MSLS/MFT)


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is a course for postgraduate students in development studies at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. The course is taught by Professor Hilary Mwangi and Dr. Jemima Okutoyossi. It covers topics such as: community life and livelihoods, community development planning, community-based natural resource management, sustainable communities. It also provides opportunities to learn about other modules in the African continent and global issues.


Date(s) 21/03/2018 – 25/03

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from DDPA 8821 Midterm Exam

Introduction to project-based learning, communities of practice and evaluation. Designed to enable students to think critically about the practice of community development, this course will engage students in designing and evaluating projects that contribute to the economic, environmental, and/or social well-being of local communities. In addition to a review of relevant literature, students will conduct a community-based research project for their final capstone presentation.

Course Code: 8821 Credits: 5.00 Semester: Fall Instructor(s): Mina Baez

How to Prepare for DDPA 8821 Midterm Exam

– Students must choose one of the two options below:

Option 1: Test Options

Option 2: Test and Write – Students have to pass both parts of the exam. Option 2 also has to pass in order to receive a passing grade.

Exam Schedule:

May 15, 2020 (8:00 am – 11:30 am)

May 16, 2020 (8:00 am – 11:30 am)

Exam Location:

Campus Center Floor B

Midterm Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Bing

1. 2. In which of the following statements is a community development process implemented? (a) A community is one in which every member enjoys personal and social security (b) A community is a “social group” created by people who are responsible for developing it (c) A community has its own unique characteristics, such as language, customs and traditions (d) A community is defined by common interest among people in a given area (e) A community is a family living together in

Midterm Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Google

– Fall 2015

Exam Title Question Type Number of Questions Percent Cumulative Percentage Exam Date Week 1-3 Midterm Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Google for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) – Fall 2015 Final Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Google for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) – Fall

Final Exam

Tue, Oct 11, 2021 – Wed, Oct 12, 2021
Mon, Oct 17, 2021 – Wed, Oct 19, 2021
Study for Exam
Study for Exam

Exam Schedule:

The next exam is on Tue Oct. 12th and begins at


Room G114B.
Note that the

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Course meets on Wednesday, 11-3:30pm, and the following Saturday from 9am-12:30pm. The course provides a detailed introduction to how to analyze population data using statistical tools and models (e.g., linear regression, logistic regression) for answering development questions related to population health. This course will also provide students with training in using the R programming language as well as access to a computer lab at the ODA.

This course is part of the DDPA Core Curriculum

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from DDPA 8821 Final Exam

at School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

What is the DDPA 8821 Final Exam? (2019) – The final exam for this course will consist of: One (1) essay question that assesses your knowledge and understanding of the material presented in the first nine (9) weeks.

Students who complete this course with a grade of A or B in the course will receive a high degree of credit for all activities requiring skills and knowledge learned in this course.

How to Prepare for DDPA 8821 Final Exam

by the International Food Policy Research Institute

07/08/2019 | Statistics

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Final Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Bing

You may use the following checklist to help you prepare for the exam.

2 5 8 1

2 4 3 6

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6 – – – –

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19 –

20 – —

21 — A Case of Euthanasia: Can the legalistic, bureaucratic model for its implementation actually help to

Final Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Google

(5 credits)

1. The first goal of the DDPA 8821 course is to introduce students to which of the following? A. The theory and practice of community development B. The theory and practice of community and economic development C. Community development activities in urban, rural, and regional contexts D. Entrepreneurial practices and business plan writing in community development

2. How is the DDPA 8821 course different from other courses? A. It focuses on applications and local solutions for sustainable

Week by Week Course Overview

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Description

This course examines the factors and processes that influence the quality of a community, with particular focus on developing sustainable human settlements. The key to sustainable communities is not building them, but improving their conditions and quality. We will examine how these communities grow from a stable base to a successful, vibrant, and sustainable center for people to live. The course will introduce students to the various tools used in sustainable development: human settlements planning and management; conflict resolution; community and technical education; local economic development strategies; government

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Outline

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce students to the principles and practices of sustainable community development. The course provides an introduction to community empowerment and sustainable community development approaches using a case study approach that draws from the experience of two low-income rural communities, their leaders and stakeholders. Course Objectives: At the end of this course, you should be able to: 1) Describe some of the challenges faced by many rural communities in developing sustainable local economies;

2) Demonstrate an understanding of how governance

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Objectives

Area of Concentration

Summer 2017 Project-Based Learning MOOC: Foundations of Project Management https://www.coursera.org/learn/project-management Foundations of Project Management 3 eLearning Courses, 4 weeks each, in 8 languages

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (CPLD) IN THE COMMUNITY I. Program Overview The Community Partnership and Leadership Development (CPLD) program is an evidence-based training and mentoring


DDPA 8821 Week 1 Pre-requisites

– DDPA 8821 – A Selection of Publications on Governance in South Asia (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) – DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) – DDPA 8821 – Media and Public Perceptions of Women’s Issues in India (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) – DDPA 8821 – The Impact of Development Initiatives on the Rural Environment and Livelihoods

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Duration

Teaching Period 2, 2018 Teaching Location 1: Mitchell Building, Level 2

Teaching Location 2: NZA Centre for Social Innovation, Level 6

Teaching Location 3: NZA Campus, Level 4

The module introduces the theory and practice of Sustainable Community Development (SCD) and Sustainable Development through a series of case studies. The focus is on developing participants’ practical skills in managing complex issues and making policy recommendations that promote sustainable community development. The

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Learning Outcomes

in 2019. 100% Free AP Test Prep website that offers study material to high school students seeking to prepare for AP exams. You can find everything from complete textbooks to questions and answers, notes and more. What is the correct answer? A a) To determine the names of the major parts of the general medical record, one must understand what information must be included in each part of the record and how they relate to one another. The AP Biology exam covers all concepts taught in a typical

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Assessment & Grading

Course Description Intended to: 1. Review and integrate key concepts that are fundamental to the practice of sustainable community development (SCD). 2. Understand the SCD process in a variety of cultural and political contexts, with particular attention to the United Nations Decade of Sustainable Development. 3. Learn and practice tools for community-led development projects with local stakeholders, including developing meaningful approaches to monitoring performance and evaluating the impact of project activities. 4. Learn about organizational options for setting up S

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Suggested Resources/Books

D. Design, Development, and Implementation of Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) A. Introduction to Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) B. Sustainable Community Development: An Integrated Systems Approach (3 credits) (DDPA 8821) C. Social Change and Social Movements: Emerging Perspectives and Tools (3 credits) (DDPA 8821) E. Learning Through Participatory Action Research in the Pacific Islands: Research

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Assignment (20 Questions)

– Spring 2017

Discuss the following questions:

1) What are some of the benefits of a sustainable community?

2) Identify a sustainable development project that you have been involved with. If you have not worked on a project, list three (3) reasons why it is important to work on a project.

3) Which of these projects do you think is most important for us to complete? Why?

4) Who should be responsible for implementing the sustainable development plan? Why?

5) What

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

from University of South Alabama (USAS) in the USA

Due Date: Monday, April 29, 2013 at midnight

University of South Alabama: http://www.usas.edu/studentaffairs/undergraduate-study/degree-programs/sustainable-development-course/index.html

Required Textbook:

Economic Development Practice (11th Edition) by Chuck Chinn, Alex Wagner, and Patricia Wagner

Suggested Textbooks:

Nonprofit Management: Fundamentals for Success by Richard D.

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

for the course DDPA 8821 Week 1 Discussion 2 (20 Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) for the course Week 2 Discussion 1 (10 Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) for the course Week 2 Discussion 2 (10 Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable

DDPA 8821 Week 1 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

This is a 2-hour exam. There are 20 questions in this examination.

As a part of the process of forming and maintaining sustainable communities, participants must understand the tools for building sustainable community development (SCD) – an approach that engages people in direct action to create positive change. This course will introduce participants to the tools for SCD, with particular emphasis on its role in facilitating participatory decision-making. It will also provide participants with key information about how to adapt the toolset in their

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)

is a online graded course in the area of Community Development. The grading scheme will be as follows: 30% homework (10 questions), 60% class tests (10 questions) [20%] and final exam (25 questions) [15%]. Readings include the following textbook(s): – “Essentials of Human Development” by… Read More

Read Less

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Discussion 2 (20 Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for

DDPA 8821 Week 1 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

Fall 2017



Grant Subject: Planning

1. Describe the history of planning in your community.

2. How does planning relate to the current local political landscape?

3. Describe the role and function of the planning department within the community.

4. What is a common project that planners are involved with?

5. What is the role of a planner in an area in need of redevelopment?

DDPA 8821 Week 1 Quiz (20 Questions)

– Quiz.

1. Which of the following areas would be considered to be a “formal” area?

a. A park

b. A school

c. An art museum

d. A library

2. Parks should be:

a. Fun for everyone

b. Separate from all other facilities

c. Intimidating to children and adults alike

d. They should not exclude anyone from enjoying their use.

3. The first step in designing a park is:

a. To

DDPA 8821 Week 1 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions)

8821 Week 2 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) 8821 Week 3 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) 8821 Week 4 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Description

Timetable 1 – Description for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821)

2 (DDPA 8821) Spring Semester, 2007 Instructor: Mr. Jason Chiu E-mail: jchiu@sydney.edu.au Office Hours: Wednesdays 3-4pm Room: TBA Office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays in C4170

3 Course Information Course Description The course provides the student with

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Outline

(3.0 credits) I. Background and Introduction Objectives and Outcomes: The Overview of this course is to equip students with knowledge of community development theories, concepts, issues, methods and strategies that are useful in achieving sustainable development through the promotion of community empowerment. II. Participants’ Outcomes The students will be able to understand basic concepts of community development; analyse the process of community development; assess issues relating to community empowerment; evaluate the social and economic impacts of conflict on community; identify tools

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Objectives

2. Conduct a community-based assessment of a project or situation in order to identify and analyze the factors and elements that affect its sustainability. 3. Develop an action plan to improve the sustainability of the project, situation, or community.
ACTIONS FOR THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT (CDA) A. Identify environmental and/or social indicators associated with the sustainability of the project, situation, or community.
B. Identify factors that promote or hinder sustainable development by conducting a community-based

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Pre-requisites

Introduction to Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) Community Development Practice I (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) Community Development Practice II (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) Community Development Practice III (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) Project Planning and Management for Community Development Projects (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to: Demonstrate knowledge of community development approaches, issues and principles

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Duration

Course Description This course provides an introduction to community development, focusing on the role of good governance in sustainable community development. In particular, the course introduces community actors such as government officials, civil society groups, and NGOs and provides insights into how they can work together to support a community’s needs. Students are introduced to tools for planning and implementing sustainable community development projects such as participatory budgeting, citizen assessment systems, value chain analyses and gender mainstreaming initiatives. The course also examines issues relating to governance arrangements

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Learning Outcomes

Recognise the main goals of the United Nations for sustainable development, which include: • meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs; • providing for a decent standard of living for all; • making sure that resource use does not put our planet beyond the point of recovery; • maintaining an open, just and peaceful world order.
• Describe how people can contribute to achieving these goals. (5 credits) • Explain why sustainable development is important to communities.

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Assessment & Grading

Learn about cultural and environmental issues in the West, from both historical and modern viewpoints, with an emphasis on community-based conservation, sustainable development, and social justice.

Goals Students will learn about the environmental problems and challenges facing the West and how they are connected to broader global issues. This course will also provide insight into various regional and local concerns and opportunities that will help students focus their work in the spring semester.

Course Description This is a non-credit, general-interest class that explores multiple dimensions of community environmental

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Suggested Resources/Books

Library of Congress, Cataloging in Publication Data Birkbeck College: London – UK E-Book Accessable File Format: PDF. © 2014

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Assignment (20 Questions)

– Week 2 Assignment – You are the Community Development Assistant for a small community in your state. The community has been struggling with high levels of drug and alcohol abuse. You have been asked to create a plan to help the community develop and manage their future. This assignment requires you to prepare a 700- to 1,050-word plan that details the community’s goals, objectives, resources, methods, and timeline. You will demonstrate your understanding of the most recent research, best practices, legal

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

in Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8 and Week 9

What will you learn? (2-3 hours)

Part A: Complete Assessment Questions

Assessment Task: Survey

Assignment (10 marks): You will be given two surveys with questions related to your community development experiences. You will be required to complete both surveys. The first survey consists of the following items: a) Describe one way

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

Week 2 Discussion 1 (20 Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) Please complete the following questions. They are located in the Week 2 Module section. …

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DDPA 8821 Week 2 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

Week 2 DQ 1 (20 Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) WEEK 2 REVIEW FOR STUDENT CHECKLIST Q.3. What are some of the major tools that can be used in community planning? A. Public participation tools- information and decision making process Participants/ groups: The use of public participation in public participation is more beneficial because it gives a voice to the community in the issue. It allows people to take part in

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)

Students will learn how to use resources for community development and public health promotion. This course is a prerequisite for the Clinical Nurse Leader track.

Previous Course Next Course

*Information provided on this page is not an offer of credit. DDPA 8821 Week 2 Discussion 2 (20 Questions) for DDPA 8821 – Tools for Sustainable Community Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8821) Review the course outline, syllabus and other course material; then post your response using

DDPA 8821 Week 2 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

The first two questions are from the Midterm test for week 2. The final two questions are from a test you will take during week 6. In week 6, there is a midterm exam (7-10% of your grade) and a comprehensive final examination (30-35% of your grade). An electronic copy of each question is on the course website under resources in Blackboard. Week 1 DQ 1 Question 1

Week 1 DQ 2 Question

DDPA 8821 Week 2 Quiz (20 Questions)

– Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

Census of Population and Housing

In Bangladesh, the 2011 Census was conducted from April 1 to May 5, 2011. It is the ninth Nation

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