DDPA 8330 – Holding Up the Mirror Understanding Different Cultures and Increasing Global Consciousness 5 credits DDPA 8330 – Exclusive Course Details


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DDPA 8330 Course Introduction

Do you like to travel? Are you fascinated by the cultures of the world? Do you have a dream of visiting and studying other countries? This course is for you. We will read works of writers, poets, and artists from various countries and cultures, discuss them critically, examine their influence on our lives, and consider how we might become more aware and conscious of the needs of others around us. Readings from literature include works by John Steinbeck ( Of Mice and Men), William Carlos Williams

DDPA 8330 Course Description

Instructor: Jenny Cullen, Ph.D. Course Description: This course will focus on the theory of understanding cultures. Although this is a course that was originally designed for high school teachers and administrators, I have found it is relevant to students in all majors. The goal is to provide students with the knowledge of how cultures differ, as well as provide students with practical application for their study abroad experiences and future careers in international business. Learning objectives include the following: 1) Understand the importance of viewing other

Universities Offering the DDPA 8330 Course

University of California – Berkeley
University of California – Davis

University of California – Irvine

University of California – Los Angeles

University of California – San Diego

University of California – Santa Barbara

University of California – San Diego, School for International Training

University of Southern California (USC)

Stanford University

The University of Texas at Austin The University of Arizona The University of Virginia The University of Washington The University of Wisconsin – Madison (UW) To view complete course offerings for the 833

DDPA 8330 Course Outline

Instructor: Rebecca Lewis Email: rl402@psu.edu Office Hours: Monday 1-2, Tuesday 10-12 and Wednesday 11-1 Contact Info: rl402@psu.edu or (814) 863-6528 Course Description This course is designed to broaden your understanding of cultural differences. The focus is on cross-cultural communication, diversity and multiculturalism. Students will examine different worldviews and their impact on thinking. Emphasis is placed on the preparation of college students for

DDPA 8330 Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Understand the global issues that affect individuals, groups and societies in different cultures. 2. Describe how cultures are similar and different. 3. Distinguish between ethnocentrism and cultural relativism and their impact on global consciousness. Students will learn the components of both ethnocentrism and cultural relativism as well as the implications for global consciousness.

DDPA 8330

Mental Health Counseling (3 credits)

DDPA 8330 Course Pre-requisites

All DDPA students must complete this course. The course is designed to introduce students to the cultures of other people, and to provide them with a better understanding of different ways of life. Students will participate in learning about international politics through studying various aspects of world affairs.

Students will explore the importance of global cultural understanding, gaining an in-depth knowledge about the most important and successful cultures in the world, and learn how they impact political decisions. This class includes reading, lectures, activities, group work and discussion

DDPA 8330 Course Duration & Credits

20 weeks (2 hours per week, 1.5 credits per week) 4 weeks (1 hour per week, 1 credit per week) 8 weeks (3 hours per week, 2.5 credits per week)

Course Description: This course explores the world’s social and cultural systems through a study of cultures from around the globe. Students will examine how beliefs are created and maintained by societies through traditional teachings and beliefs. They will also learn about different religions, ethnicities and

DDPA 8330 Course Learning Outcomes

Develop your understanding of other cultures through lectures, guest speakers and international travel. You will explore the impact of different cultures on individuals, organisations and societies; learn how to communicate and work effectively in a multicultural environment; reflect on how our own culture affects our perceptions and behaviour towards others; develop an understanding of other perspectives, including those of diversity, gender, disability and sexuality. Understand that diverse groups have unique experiences of oppression and discrimination. Demonstrate the ability to work across difference. Work productively with people

DDPA 8330 Course Assessment & Grading Criteria

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the history of globalism and how it has evolved from its original conception during the World War II era to the present day. It is designed to enable students to integrate knowledge gained from various disciplines, such as history, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, and business. (U.S. studies may be emphasized in certain cases). (Note: A grade of C or higher is required for a credit.) (AAE)

DDPA 8330 Course Fact Sheet

This class provides a broad view of the world and its cultures. Through a study of literature, film, music and art students will learn to better understand themselves, their communities and the world. Students will consider how they contribute to the global environment through a study of globalization.

This is the first course in the series focusing on topics within Cultural Diversity. A second course, Cultural Diversity in America (DDPA 8331) is also required.

Required Texts:

• The Four Faces of Culture by Robert

DDPA 8330 Course Delivery Modes

Introduction to the Culture of Others – Understanding the Struggles and Victories of Other Cultures (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) Cultural Proficiency – Building a Culture of Excellence in Personal and Professional Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) Building a Culture of Excellence in Personal and Professional Development (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) All DDPA 8330 courses must be taken for a minimum grade of C-

DDPA 8330 Course Faculty Qualifications

The 5 credit course is an introduction to the concepts and principles of cultural diversity and multiculturalism in business. Students will be introduced to definitions, issues and challenges, the role of business and government in protecting, promoting and addressing cultural diversity. Concepts such as: respect for others, developing a global mindset and communication skills are all critical components of this course. For example, students will learn how to deal with conflict, find a common ground with diverse people from different backgrounds, achieve better productivity by avoiding cultural

DDPA 8330 Course Syllabus


Course description

The holding up the mirror course is a modern theory of foreign language learning that emerged in the 1980s. It was developed by Peter Z. Radcliffe-Brown, the principal figure in this new approach to second language learning. The focus is on intercultural understanding rather than on communicating facts and information.

A typical course would involve some of the following:

Exploring cultural differences within your own community.

Exploring culture differences with people from another culture.

Learning about

Suggested DDPA 8330 Course Resources/Books

For more information on this course, please visit: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/psl/icc/departments/delaunay/tours.html https://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/Courses/Components/Delaunay(8330)/2011-12/Spring2012/Session3/OnlineTexts.htm
One of the most difficult things in the world to do is to see yourself as another human being. In a culture that is based on competition,

DDPA 8330 Course Practicum Journal

In this course, students analyze the world through a variety of lenses and form opinions about cultural differences. Students will identify and discuss the impact of different cultures on human behavior; the dynamics of leadership in diverse cultures; understand cultural perceptions of performance evaluation, diversity, and conflict resolution; explore strategies for creating a more inclusive work environment; and develop an understanding of gender differences in communication. This course is not open to first year graduate students.
DDPA 8340 Advanced Practicum in International Business (5 credits

Suggested DDPA 8330 Course Resources (Websites, Books, Journal Articles, etc.)

-Bloom, M. (2011). Inclusion in the university: A global problem requiring a global response. Educational Researcher, 40(3), 171–177. doi:10.3102/0013189X11446621

Cultural and Linguistic Awareness:

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Student Learning:


DDPA 8330 Course Project Proposal

This course project will examine different cultures through a lens of global consciousness and self-awareness. Students will analyze personal, social, political, and environmental issues related to different cultural groups. One goal of this course is to help students understand their own culture as a starting point for a more global view and greater awareness of others. The second goal is to enhance students’ self-knowledge by learning about the differing experiences of students from other cultural backgrounds. The course project will provide students with opportunities to investigate aspects of

DDPA 8330 Course Practicum

Prerequisites: Students must complete DDPA 8330; Prerequisite course and specific knowledge of the culture or language that they are studying. This course provides students with the opportunity to explore their own cultural identity, values and beliefs through a reflective process of self-study and multicultural community engagement. This course is designed for students who desire to gain a greater understanding of their own culture, value systems, and values. The student will evaluate his/her personal values, interests, beliefs, perspectives on education and the

Related DDPA 8330 Courses

Description: The course will explore the interrelated dimensions of globalization, including cultural differences and global consciousness. Lectures and discussions will focus on such issues as post-colonialism, globalization, integration, solidarity and multiculturalism. An analysis of different forms of resistance to globalization will also be included. 0-3-0 ECTS

Students must enroll for 5 credits.

Course Content 1 Course Introduction: What is Globalization? 2 Culture and Globalization: Interdependence and Universalism

Midterm Exam

Due Date: 11/20/2019 at 5:00pm

Final Exam for DDPA 8330 – Holding Up the Mirror: Understanding Different Cultures and Increasing Global Consciousness (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) Due Date: 12/4/2019 at 5:00pm

Course Description

The course introduces you to cultural dimensions of leadership and the concepts of cultural intelligence. We will focus on how the cultures we work in can influence our

Top 100 AI-Generated Questions

(Out of Class Meeting Dates TBA)

– Understanding different cultures and increasing global consciousness. Students will be challenged to think about, express, and write about the impact that different cultures have on their individual lives and the world at large.

DDPA 8331 – Current Issues in Cybersecurity (5 credits) (Out of Class Meeting Dates TBA)

– Current issues in cybersecurity. Students will analyze current cyber threats as well as understand real-world scenarios related to cybersecurity.

DDPA 8340 –

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from DDPA 8330 Midterm Exam


Midterm Exam (1 credit) (DDPA 8330) 2-5


1. Midterm: Assignment #1 – Group Presentation (10 pts. each)

2. Midterm Quiz (5 pts.) Thursday, October 19

3. Homework: First Midterm was due Tuesday, October 17.

4. Final: Final quiz Friday, December 7.

Course Evaluation: The midterm exam will be weighted at 25% and

How to Prepare for DDPA 8330 Midterm Exam

2.0 credits (10.0 hours) Additional information for students: Prerequisite: DDPA 8330 (Holding Up the Mirror: Understanding Different Cultures and Increasing Global Consciousness), or permission of instructor.

Other Requirements: Successful completion of DDPA 8380 or consent of instructor; no pass/no credit grading option


Classes with final grades for DDPAs will be available from the Registrar’s Office in about 3 weeks after the course ends.

Required Texts

Midterm Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Bing

1. Which of the following is NOT a product or service that a company can provide for its customers? (select all that apply) 2. Which of the following is a major type of pest that might eat and contaminate food products in a restaurant? (select all that apply) 3. A sophisticated target marketing approach includes which of the following? (select all that apply) 4. When considering the purchase of an item, it is useful to consider many factors, including

Midterm Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Google

– 2014-15 – Course Home Page This is an excerpt from the midterm exam for the course held in the Spring 2015 term. In this excerpt, participants in a cross-cultural communication class answer questions about a situation involving conflict in their own culture.

Chapter 1 The World to Come The present chapter focuses on values and ethics, with emphasis on judging whether people are living up to their values or whether they are not. The chapter opens with a reference to the idea of culture as a

Final Exam

| Subject Guide for Faculty & Staff

This course will help students to: use critical thinking skills and research, reflect on their own personal values, develop strategies for understanding other cultures, and apply this knowledge to the practice of teaching in a globalized world. For a copy of the syllabus click here.

Other resources for this class:

Poster: Cultures of the World in Action

Class Schedule

Additional Resources

Culture and Communication


An inter

Top 100 AI-Generated Questions

– Description: This is a required course for the Master of Science in Digital Forensics and Digital Evidence. The course is designed to help students recognize how different cultures approach crime and identify ways they can deal with this. It is divided into two sections. First, we will look at how people from different cultures view and interact with crime; and second, we will explore how different cultures approach law enforcement. Students will learn about cultural models of criminal behavior, learn about related factors that may impact police responses

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from DDPA 8330 Final Exam

Spring 2015: Assigned: Monday, January 26, 2015

Final Exam Time/Place: TBD Final Grade will be determined based on the following criteria:

I. Significant contribution to class discussions and group participation.

II. Required to write one essay.

III. Need for multiple choice answers.

IV. Need for definitions of cultural terms

V. The ability to apply what is learned in the course to other cultures and situations that arise after the completion of the course.


How to Prepare for DDPA 8330 Final Exam

Course Description

This course will examine different cultures, how they differ and how they are similar. It will include examining the influence of individual and collective worldview and values as well as culturally specific norms and beliefs on interaction between people. For example, an individual may be raised in a very different culture than another person in the same position; one may not have a close personal relationship with another person; one may have deeper family ties to other cultures; or one may be more comfortable interacting with people of different gender

Final Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Bing

M. Rees, Ph.D., D. Litt., C. Litt., J. Haines, Ph.D. (2017). Abstract: The course provides an introduction to different cultures and different cultural values and practices with special emphasis on the differences between Western and non-Western cultures. Students learn about the role of values in making decisions that are acceptable to different cultures.

Name ________________________________________ ID Number ________________________

Page 1 of 5

Course Description (continued)

You should

Final Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Google

Multiple Choice Questions 10 10 1. (TCO D) The nuclear family is the oldest form of a family in which all members are related by marriage and whose most common form is a mother, father, and children.

True False Answers: 1

Question 2: (TCO A) Which best describes the role of the European settlement system in settling and shaping Aboriginal societies?

A) The colonial government enforced policies that turned societies into colonial societies.

B) In exchange for rights

Week by Week Course Overview

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Description

Week 1 (7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.) Understanding Other Cultures—Discussion of the importance of learning about other cultures; exploring different perspectives and values; sharing what is meaningful to you. Cultural Competence—Learning the principles of cultural competence and how it can improve patient care. Culturally Sensitive Health Care—Exploring the impact of differences in culture on health care for adults and children. The Importance of Diversity to a Physician’s Practice—Discovering the

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Outline

The DDPA 8330 class is a mandatory requirement for the Global Leadership Minor and serves as a roadmap to becoming the leader that our global society needs. Through discussions, case studies, essays, videos and group work, students are encouraged to explore the causes and impacts of cultural diversity in business operations. The ultimate goal is to provide students with knowledge and skills to enhance their future leadership roles. Through understanding these concepts in depth, students will be able to lead others with confidence and credibility in international business operations

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Objectives

* Learn about different cultures and increase global awareness * View and discuss different perspectives on the same situation or issue * Gain a better understanding of different social cultures * Increase global awareness * Discover, learn, discuss, and interact with various cultural groups

Week 2 Objectives for DDPA 8330 – Understanding Different Cultures (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) * Gain insight into the unique differences between people * Discover how to deal with cultural differences effectively Week 3 Objectives for DD

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Pre-requisites

– Academic Integrity (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) – Preparing for the Exam: Study Skills and Strategies (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) – Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Communication (3 credits) (DDPA 8330)

Total Credits: 30

Schedule Type: Lecture

Semester(s): Fall

Term(s): Spring

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Duration

This course is designed to teach students how to understand the main differences between cultures and how to work with people from different cultural backgrounds, as well as ways to increase their global awareness. In this course, students will gain a better understanding of our world by learning about other cultures, nations, and economies. Students will also learn how to manage conflict and better understand those who are in different cultures than they are. Students will learn strategies for improving cross-cultural relationships and interactions through observing basic everyday situations where communication problems

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Learning Outcomes

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Describe what is meant by an intercultural and cross-cultural communication situation. 2. Explain the importance of establishing rapport for effective communication with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. 3. Develop skills in multicultural interviewing and assessment that will enable them to recognize the potential impact of culture on communication. 4. Identify barriers to successful communication with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. 5. Analyze the effects of prejudice

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Assessment & Grading

Teacher: Barbara M. Evans Professor: Roger L. Kegan 1. Students will identify one culture from a list of 24 cultures and explain how this culture differs from other cultures in several ways, including differences in beliefs, values, morals and behaviors. 2. Students will analyze the culture they chose and write an informative paper about that culture. The students will include at least two articles of their own research in this paper.
3. Students will identify at least two characteristics or features that make

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Suggested Resources/Books

33-1 Training, Assessment, and Counseling (5 credits) (ADPT 8350) 33-2 Analysis of Personality Development (4 credits) (DDPA 8330) Section Course Level(s) Credits Instructor Info BLDG D, GSS 8245 KATHLEEN MEGARONI 8331 Suggested Resources/Books for DDPA 8331 – An Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations (5 credits) (DDPA 833

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Assignment (20 Questions)

– Reading List

Required Readings:

Chen, P. (2010). Understanding Different Cultures and Increasing Global Consciousness: A Case Study of China. (4th ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Hattie, J., & Tannen, D. (1997). From theory to practice in teacher education: A review of the literature and recommendations for future research. Educational Researcher, 26(8), 14-23.

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

This weeks discussion is centered around cultural differences between people from different countries. Please respond to each of the following questions: In what way(s) does culture impact personal and organizational culture? How do you feel about the role that culture plays in our organization? How can a strong awareness of culture help the workplace succeed? What methods have you found useful for managing differing cultures? What is one or two things that you feel could be done differently to create a more culturally respectful workplace? In what ways might your cultural

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

for a company in your home country. (For example, you might want to discuss

Hello,I would like to ask someone who has done an international negotiation course and made it into a job position if they are allowed to carry their certificate with them while working abroad. I am currently working as a sales executive at

Hey all, I’m from India, and am applying for a job that requires the candidate to present during the interview. How do I prepare for the presentation? I have no idea about

DDPA 8330 Week 1 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

– 15 Page.

1) Describe and identify the typical differences between Western and Eastern cultures.

2) Explain what a culture of scarcity means.

3) Identify what is understood as a basic human need and list some examples of each. Is one more important than the other?

4) Which cultural practices contribute to personal happiness, success, and happiness in the workplace? What are some other ways in which culture influences our lives?

5) Describe how culture affects global communication.

6) Define role conflict and

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)

– 08/12/2015

[1] Week 1 Discussion 2 (20 Questions) for DDPA 8330 – Holding Up the Mirror: Understanding Different Cultures and Increasing Global Consciousness (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) – 08/12/2015

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AnesthesiaPAC provides all course materials, including lecture notes, to the members of this site. Any copying, redistribution or reuse

DDPA 8330 Week 1 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

For questions about this course, please contact the instructor. You may also post your question in the discussion forums.

Week 2 DQ 1 (15 points) and Week 2 DQ 2 (15 points) for DDPA 8330 – Holding Up the Mirror: Understanding Different Cultures and Increasing Global Consciousness (5 credits) (DDPA 8330)

Week 3 DQ 1 (20 points) and Week 3 DQ 2 (20 points)

DDPA 8330 Week 1 Quiz (20 Questions)

Spring 2017 Course Dates: Tue, Jan. 10, 2017 – Fri, Feb. 3, 2017 SCHEDULE AND MATERIALS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

© Copyright 2016, Data Interpretation and Decision Making – DDPA 8330

DDPA 8330 Week 1 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions)

– 2019. Dec 22, 2019 · We hope that our DDPA 8330 Week 1 Discussion Questions answers will be helpful to you. In case you have any query or suggestion feel free to ask us below in the comments section below. By: Grace Mohapatra DDPA 8330 Week 1 Assignment Question #1 Why is it important for managers to know about and understand different cultures? Answer: Knowing about and understanding different cultures plays a significant role in successfully

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Description

This course will give you an opportunity to examine different cultures and the impact on individuals, families and societies in diverse contexts. You will gain an awareness of how human diversity affects our interactions with others. You will examine individual differences, cultural norms, and the impact of cultural variations on individuals, families, communities, organizations, nations and global communities. Course Objectives The students will be able to: 1) Analyze how culture affects the way we live our lives; 2) Recognize that culture

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Outline

(3 credits) Week 2: Lecture and Guest Speakers

Defining Culture and the Global Marketplace Culture is a social construction – that which we create to better understand the world around us. Culture is a way of thinking that is deeply rooted in an individual’s culture as well as one’s environment (a culture of heredity). The culture of a person involves his or her history, language, family background, religion, values, beliefs, education, and experiences. Culture guides every aspect of life

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Objectives

The study of cultural and social differences allows us to understand more about the diversity in our own culture as well as the different perspectives that people around the world have on the same things. Knowing how other cultures approach the same issues allows us to better understand ourselves and others. This course explores how we interact with people from all over the world, with their own customs, beliefs, practices, and experiences. In addition to our understanding of differences, we also learn about cultural norms, values, beliefs, rituals,

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Pre-requisites

– The Development of the Human Spirit (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) – General Education Requirements – Level 2: Strategic Communication (5 credits) (ECM 5400, ECN 2400, ECN 3000, ECN 3040) or equivalent with a grade of C or better (ECS 2121, ECO 2121, EDU 1010, EDU 1030, ECE 2011, ECE

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Duration

This course builds on what was covered in DDPA 8320. It introduces participants to the cultural and global realities that exist beyond a typical workplace. Students will experience several different cultures (more than one) and gain a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics of each culture. This class is designed for those who are interested in learning about the various cultures around the world, gaining an appreciation for how other people think and live, and becoming more aware of our own culture. The course will be conducted as a

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Learning Outcomes

This course will provide you with the opportunity to study in a multicultural setting. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the impact of different cultures and education from a global perspective. You will learn about key issues in international education, including gender equity, diversity and inclusion, and how they relate to specific educational settings.

You will examine key elements that contribute to the successful implementation of globally oriented learning programs for diverse learners. Topics to be covered include theories of culture, cultural identity and awareness, research methods, pedag

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Assessment & Grading

This Week 2 course focuses on the importance of diversity and culture in the world today. In this course, you will learn how different cultures are built by individuals through social interaction and how each culture has a unique way of interpreting the world around them. Through this course, you will be able to explore the different aspects of understanding cultural differences in order to increase your global awareness. You will examine what it means to be culturally sensitive, and you will begin to develop an appreciation for cultural differences and differences in

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Suggested Resources/Books

Please note the following is a suggested list and may change. You may find other resources of interest to you. These are just ideas. Others are always welcome. If you are looking for a particular book or source, feel free to contact us at ddpa. We will help you find what you need.

Books: Below is a listing of books we have found useful in our own research as well as others from which we have drawn strength and inspiration. While this list contains several titles that we know of

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Assignment (20 Questions)

– Instructions and Rubric (PDF) – Grading Rubric (PDF) – Assignments are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, August 14, 2013. The Assignment Check Sheet is due by Tuesday, August 20, 2013. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Enjoy! Your instructor, Dr. Mike Smith

Question: If you had a chance to go back in time and change something that has happened in your life or someone else’s life what

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

• Read the Week 1 and 2 assignment handout.

• Complete the following exercises (50 points):

• Assignment 1: Reflecting on Week 1 and 2 Assignments

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions:

I am a member of a group that has been studying and working in China for several years. I have found it interesting to observe how different cultures perceive time.

Are you aware of how time is perceived in China? Do you think people who live in the U

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

(Humanities) available to be shipped worldwide

Our DDPA 8330 Week 2 Discussion 1 (20 Questions) for DDPA 8330 – Holding Up the Mirror: Understanding Different Cultures and Increasing Global Consciousness (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) (Humanities) includes all materials that are required to complete the DDPA 8330 Week 2 Discussion 1. Part A: Developmental Milestones from Birth to Adolescence, including the Biological,

DDPA 8330 Week 2 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

for The Ivey Business Journal

Instructions: Answers are not to exceed 150 words. The question will be a multiple choice format. If you get the question wrong, you do not need to repeat the question or answer. You only need to provide the correct answer(s) to every question.

Purchase answer to see full attachment

Week 2 DQ 1 Holding Up the Mirror Understanding Different Cultures and Increasing Global Consciousness (5 credits) (DDPA 8330) This week’s

DDPA 8330 Week 2 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)

Suggested Answers to Discussion 2: Answer the following questions in at least 75 words: * How do you think the presenter will address this issue? Will he/she discuss how culture influences our beliefs and values? If so, how? * How would you have addressed these issues differently? What would your goal be for using the Four Levels of Cultural Intelligence model in this presentation? * Are you interested in completing a similar exercise at work or in personal life? Why or why not? Do you know

DDPA 8330 Week 2 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

– Review

8 days ago



This course presents the history, theory and practice of one of the most important social policies of the 20th century: Universal Child Benefit

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